An Evolution of Innovation – Huebsch®

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An Evolution of Innovation

Since Huebsch began this business, Huebsch has been leading in the commercial laundry industry. Throughout time,  they have been dedicated to innovation and continue with this unwavering commitment. They have continued to manufacture laundry equipment that are well designed for effective performance and reliability. Huebsch® helps you to save and at the same time make more money through our quality equipment.

Designed for the modern entrepreneur

Huebsch® offers you first class services including site selection, store layout and house financing. They also offer you with contemporary best designs that customize and modernize your Laundromat. Take your time to explore some of the possibilities.


They have a cityscape control panel that allows you to expand and enhance your space when you select contemporary lighting which complements both the vivid hints as well as chrome accents of color.3-washers

Urban Sophistication

The CITYSCAPE control panel offers you an opportunity to give your Laundromat a contemporary and clean you.

Stunning ways to save money

Cutting edge performance and innovation brings along captivating designs. Huebsch quality equipment provides amazing technologies such as GalaxyTM 600 which save revenue, eBoostTM technology which saves utility and the 200-G which extracts force. They can help you to maximize efficiency and reduce utility costs.


CITRON control panels comes with a witty mix of style and texture that allows you to customize your space with more creative designs. It also helps you to minimize your revenue by using game changing and performance based features.

Contemporary expression

Huebsch® washer-extractors offers you a CITRON control panel that comes with a vibrant punch of color which energizes your Laundromat and elevates the customer experience.

Stand out with Maximum Revenue

Huebsch offers equipment that increase efficiency and reduce utility costs. These equipment have Galaxy™ 600 controls and innovations such as cycle modifiers, time of day pricing and 24 customizable cycle selections that stimulate your profitability.



SLATE control panels bring quality and dimension to your space.

The New Classic

Huebsch® washer-extractors, tumble dryers and stacked tumble dryers have a SLATE control panel that offers pure minimalism and complements any distinguished design.

Efficiency that makes a Statement

Huebsch equipment are designed with innovations such as advanced Galaxy™ 600 controls, 200 G-Force, eBoost™ technology and Water Guardian Leak Protection that deliver uncompromising performance that sets your Laundromat apart.


Halo Door Rings and Polished Chrome Handles

Halo Door Rings and Polished Chrome Handles offer you more ways to add sensory elements to your Laundromat. They are sleek, easy to clean, extremely durable and more reliable than any others.

A Modern Take on Durability

They offer new durable and dependable Galaxy™ 600 washer-extractors that come with polished chrome handles. N-trend upgrade to washer-extractors, tumble dryers and stacked tumble dryers are designed with Halo door rings. You can also update original door rings and handles with sharp new chrome designs in order to elevate the look of existing Galaxy 600 equipment.


Galaxy™ 600 controls brings along CITYSCAPE, CITRON and SLATE control panels that aim at reducing utility and increasing technology. For ultimate vended laundry management you can create a fully programmable store using Galaxy 600 controls on both washer-extractors and tumble dryers. You can easily program and monitor all of your machines from a PC or laptop to increase performance.