Basic Commercial Laundry Maintenance Areas

Just like any other mechanical machine, preventive maintenance is the best way to preserve and extend the lifespan of commercial laundry equipment. At Rhino Laundry & Dry Cleaning Specialists, we’re here to help with all your commercial laundry and dry cleaning equipment.

What are some of the primary areas you should check within a commercial laundry to make sure everything functions well? Let’s take a look.

Water Inlet Filters

When water inlet filter screens are blocked, this prevents the proper flow of water into the machine. This will throw off water usage levels, often requiring the building’s plumbing system to use more water. This can raise utility costs a huge amount if you aren’t paying attention.


At least twice per year, check the belts inside machines for cracks, splits or damage. A broken belt can keep a machine out of action for a long time, so keep a replacement belt or two on hand in case you need to do quick repairs.

Inlet and Outlet Hoses

Inlet and outlet hoses are responsible for ensuring there’s no unnecessary loss of water. However, any leaks, tears or buildups in inlet hose connections and joints can damage this process, causing the loss of water and a major increase in utility costs.

Exhaust Duct

To make sure there’s proper airflow and avoid overheating in dryers, remove lint and debris from exhaust ducts at least once per month. Failure to do so can come with a major cost if an overheating issue takes place.

Gasket Cleaning

Wipe down the gasket found between the door and the drum. On front load, top load and stack washer-extractors, it’s important to make sure you do this to remove buildup – this kind of buildup can prevent a water-tight seal. For more drying assistance, you can leave doors open overnight to naturally dry.

Inside Drum

Remove all dirt and soap scum from inside the drum – we recommend this service annually, if not more often. Uncleaned buildups here can lead to a foul odor for customers. Certain manufacturers will have brand-specific cleaners for optimal cleaning, so always be sure to check for these.

For more on commercial laundry maintenance or to find out about any of our other services, speak to the pros at Rhino Laundry & Dry Cleaning Specialists today.