Basics on Load Separation

Basics on Load Separation


If you’re in the field of commercial laundry, and especially dry cleaning, load classification will be a big deal for you. This involves separating loads into classifications, then cleaning those classifications in the same load.

At Rhino Laundry & Dry Cleaning Specialists, we can offer tips to help with basic load classification. Let’s go over a few of the most common areas by which loads will be separated, and what these might mean for your commercial dry cleaning facility.

Separating By Weight

Heavy weight fabrics are generally much more durable than lighter ones, meaning they can usually withstand longer wash times to remove soils. This is good, because darker fabrics tend to be worn longer and pick up more dirt, and they’ll require a long cycle.

In addition, darker clothes dry out much slower. When cleaned along with lightweight garments, these will often be the direct cause of streaks or swales, and will require the lightweight garments to be cleaned again. Avoid this by properly separating these loads in the first place.

Separating By Color

To avoid discoloration, some separation by color is often necessary. Light and white garments should be separated from dark garments, which will avoid dark dyes bleeding into lighter colors. This kind of redisposition is a common garment claim risk.

Separating Bleeders

The dry cleaning industry is seeing an all-time high in garments that have dye fading and bleeding, and these are a huge cause of garment damage. It’s vital that you check for these kinds of clothes, and pre-test to see if they will bleed. Any garments that are bleeding must be run in a bleeder load, where garments are cleaned off filter and solvent is sent to the still after the batch is done. This will reduce maintenance and keep your solvent in good condition, and it’ll also extend the life of your cartridge filters.

For more on load separation, or to find out about any of our commercial dry cleaning equipment, speak to the pros at Rhino Laundry & Dry Cleaning Specialists today.