Benefits of a Stackable Washer/Dryer

Have you ever wondered why most commercial laundry centers use stackable washers and dryers? Space is the most obvious reason, but there are also several other important factors that speak to the efficiency of this style of washer.

At Rhino Laundry & Dry Cleaning Specialists, we provide commercial laundry equipment for a variety of styles. Here are some of the qualities that stackable washer and dryer units help provide.


One of the most common and sizable benefits of stacking washers and dryers is the space it provides. Combination units allow you to save space needed for washing and drying clothes, which in turn allows you to maximize that space for other necessary items – or for more washer and dryer units, if that’s your goal.


Instead of investing in two separate units, going with the two-in-one washer and dryer stacked combo will save you money. This is generally the most cost-effective format, both from a buying standpoint and as far as most typical maintenance goes. In addition, creating extra space for more units can potentially raise your profits.


Stackable units allow users to run a full size wash for two loads at a time, rather than an all-in-one unit that will require more time. These all-in-one units also can only handle half of the drying capacity as a stackable unit.


Stackable units are considered more “classic” from an appearance standpoint, and bring a simple, clean look to a room. All-in-one units are more modern, and can take up more space as we noted above.


Stackable laundry centers are available in both gas and electric options, while all-in-one units are generally only available in electric options. For some, electric-only options don’t work with their configuration.


Laundry centers are supposed to be simple, and their units tend to come with fewer special features and a much more straightforward operation format. These will generally have less unique wash cycles or other special features.


Stackable units can hold much more than all-in-one units, and they allow the user to do a full load rather than splitting larger loads up into partial sections.

For more information on stackable washers and dryers, or to schedule commercial washer installation or service, contact the experts at Rhino Laundry & Dry Cleaning Specialists today.