The Best Investment in Your Laundry Business is Your Equipment

If you are planning to start up your very own laundry business, bulk of your upfront cost would involve the purchase of laundry equipment. And if you want to succeed in your new venture, you shouldn’t consider these equipment as merely part of the cost but instead, your best and long term investment. Why? It’s because your equipment will eventually become your workhorse. You may need to hire extra staff to oversee the operation of these machines and for customer servicing, but bulk of the work will still be on your washer, dryer and dry cleaning equipment.

commercial laundry imageChoosing the right equipment for your laundry business is a serious task. Most often, beginners in the field may need the help of technical experts like those from Rhino laundry. There are several things to consider from the price of equipment, efficiency, suitability to your business or customer needs, the future need for maintenance, extra features, etc.

Having efficient and heavy duty laundry equipment is the best investment because it will allow you to accept more orders or even laundry tasks that your competitors can’t accommodate. As an example; you may not only accept job orders from individuals or households but the laundry needs of shops, restaurants, and other establishments.

When you acquire equipment that are built by quality brands like Rhino laundry that don’t break down regularly or needs minimal amount of maintenance, it’s the best investment because it will ensure business continuity. If you are expecting a high volume of laundry and dry cleaning service orders, going for an inferior or low quality brand can only result to equipment overload or overuse. Of course, when a machine is used beyond its optimal capacity, it will be the start of regular equipment breakdowns and repairs.

Extra features of the laundry equipment would also translate to great investment. If your equipment have extra capabilities that other laundry shops don’t have, it can become your selling point to attract new and more clients. For example; if your newly bought machine is suitable for using environment-friendly detergents and cleaning aids, it’s a good way of attracting those environmentally-conscious individuals.

If you can avail of quality equipment that is competitively-priced, it’s also to your advantage. The laundry business is a very competitive industry and most often, shops try to lure customers by offering better service or lower price. And if your business costs and inputs which include the price of your machines can be kept low, you can offer a better laundry and dry cleaning service at a more affordable price.

As mentioned above, choosing a quality brand for your laundry equipment is the key. In the United States, Rhino laundry is the authority when it comes to commercial laundry and dry cleaning equipment. The company has partnered with the global leaders like Huebsch, Union and Yamamoto. Huebsch focuses on the sale of laundry and dryer machines fit for the small and medium-scale businesses. It is also one of the leaders when it comes to the coin-operated laundry equipment. Union on the other hand offers the best and most efficient machines when it comes to dry cleaning. And finally, Yamamoto builds high capacity washers or washer extractors and towel folding machines that are used by various establishments worldwide.