The Best Washers and Dryers for Your Laundromat, Hotel and More:

There are a number of factors that go into the best commercial laundry equipment. Whether you need a quality washer and dryer for your hotel, apartment complex or Laundromat there are some big things to consider for professional laundry equipment.

rhino laundryRhino commercial laundry equipment can takes every consideration in mind to give you the professional equipment that you need to handle any task. With some of the best commercial laundry equipment available in our catalog, the machines offer minimal maintenance to run as well as high-strength components. We offer sales and support for some the most popular high-capacity washers and dryers and with our sales staff, we can work at finding the best machine for your budget or needs.

Here are some the top considerations that you should make in choosing the best washers and dryers for your Laundromat:

Durability: Commercial grade laundry equipment is made for use with large loads and in high traffic Laundromats or apartments.

Space saving: We can provide space-saving designs which are perfect for small basements, Laundromats, hotel floors and more. With a space-saving design you can fit more machines into your location for more revenue or capacity.

Efficiency: We have high-capacity efficient models that are capable of reducing your running costs considerably.

Heavy duty: For hotel sheets and large loads, we have large-scale laundry equipment.

Budget: Our company also offers a variety of used inventory that you can use to replace equipment or get access to commercial grade washers and dryers for inexpensive prices.

Rhino Laundry is proud to serve Wyoming, Nevada, Montana, Idaho and Utah. Our team provides the highest quality commercial and coin laundry equipment with completely unmatched durability and service assistance. If you would like to learn more about the best washers and dryers for your commercial needs, contact our staff today.