Choose Rhino laundry and Dry Cleaning Specialists for Your Commercial Laundry Repair Needs

Whether you operate an on premise laundry or a coin laundry, your business success and profitability is dependent upon having the right machines that are functioning their best. When you need a new machine or one of your existing machines breaks down, you need quality service, parts, and machines.

Whatever your needs, Rhino Laundry and Dry cleaning specialists are your go to source for your laundry needs. They offer outstanding service, and have access to the best machines and parts available to keep your laundry business in business.



If your business is located in Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Montana, or Idaho, you need to use Rhino Laundry and Dry Cleaning Specialists for your laundry needs. With 14 years of experience, Rhino is a leader in the field. They have an experiences and qualified Staff that always provides fast professional and reliable service.


Finding quality parts for commercial laundry equipment can be a challenge. However Rhino has access to the best and most reliable machine parts available. Unlike most after-market parts, that constant need replacing, Rhino has access to genuine parts from Alliance Laundry systems. These parts are engineered to fit better. And Last longer than the completion to keep your machines running and save you money on repairs.


Bf you are looking to expand your laundry look no further than Rhino to purchase and install your new machines. We have a wide variety of machines available from the best dealers that offer sleek and modern designs, super durability, high Road capacity, and unparalleled efficiency.

Rhino laundry and Dry cleaning specialists is best for your laundry repair work. Servicing Utah, Wyoming. Nevada, Montana, and Idaho our experienced and qualified staff is able to provide fast and reliable service to keep your machines functioning their best.

If you own commercial laundry equipment, give us a call today to find out how we can help you keep it performing like new.