Coin Laundry Equipment for Laundromats

Choosing the right equipment is essential for the success of a coin Laundromat. There are many factors to consider when choosing equipment for a Laundromat including the machine size, the quality of the machine, and maintenance.

Machine Size

There are three types of machines to choose from: washers, dryers, and stacking washers and dryers. When considering the size of the machine, it is important to know how much space is available and choose the right machine for the space. Also, it is easier if installing multiple machines to install machines of the same size.

The size of the machines are based on the dry weight of the clothing that will be washed in them. Choose a washer with the size that you want, and then pair a dryer with it. Dryers are usually larger than washers to provide more space for the clothes to tumble.

Machine Quality

A second factor to consider when choosing coin laundry equipment is the quality of the machine. Providing high quality machines is a must to have satisfied customers. The quality of a washer is determined by four factors: the run time, the temperature selections, the amount of chemicals required to clean the clothes, and the type of agitation the machine provides.

The quality of a dryer is going to depend on a balanced airflow inside of the machine, the heat output of the machine, and the energy efficiency of the machine.


Another factor to consider when choosing coin laundry equipment is the required maintenance. Ultimately, the best machines are going to be sturdy and durable and require little routine maintenance. There will be some maintenance required regardless of the machine, so it is important to check with the manufacture to see what maintenance must be performed on a daily, quarterly, or annual basis.

Operation a coin Laundromat can be a profitable business if the proper care is taken to choose high quality coin laundry equipment. To find coin laundry equipment Utah, contact us at