Common Causes of Washer Leaks

A common issue with both residential and commercial laundry equipment is a leaking washer. At Rhino Laundry & Dry Cleaning Specialists, our technicians will make sure your equipment is well serviced and up to date with all necessary repairs to ensure leaking is not a concern you deal with.

If you do notice puddles in the laundry room, this is generally a sign of a leak. Here are some of the approaches you should take to puddles, plus the top causes of washer leaks for both top load and front load washers.

Puddle Approaches

In some cases, a puddle means only a minor washer repair is required. In others, there may be a larger problem at play.

First, locate the puddle – this is easy, since water naturally gathers at the lowest point. In some cases, if the washer or floor isn’t quite level, the leak might not actually be located in the exact same place as the puddle. Make sure everything is leveled before you proceed. Now, let’s look at the different causes of these leaks between top load and front load washers.

Top Load Washer Leaks

Here are the top reasons for leaks in top load washers:

  • Overflow tube: One of the most common causes is when the overflow tube is clogged or tilted. Clogs can take place due to overuse of detergent, or incorrectly combining products.
  • Oversudsing: In areas that have a water softening system, oversudsing is a common issue. Less detergent is needed with a soft water system, but many do not realize this.
  • Balance: If washers are overloaded or out of balance, they can leak.
  • Drain plug: On new washers, forgetting to remove the manufacturer’s drain plug before installing the drain hose can cause leaks at the back of the washer.
  • Drain hose: Be sure the drain hose is properly secured in the drain pipe.
  • Connections: Make sure all connections are tight at the fill hoses.
  • Water pump: A hole in the water pump can cause a leak in the washer and needs to be fixed immediately.
  • Overflow: Usually caused by a water valve or pressure switch issue.

Front Load Washer Leaks

  • Back of washer: Issues can take place with drain hoses and inlet water hoses in both top load washers and front load washers.
  • Front of washer: In certain cases, faulty door seals on front load washers can cause leaks. Leaks can also occur if the door isn’t closing properly – hinges may need to be readjusted for proper alignment.
  • Under washer: Front load washers contain inner and outer drums, the latter of which is often made in two halves before being bolted together. In some cases, the seams of these bolts can leak and need to be replaced.

For more information on leaking washers, or to find out more about our commercial washer service, contact the experts at Rhino Laundry & Dry Cleaning Specialists today.