Dry Cleaning Equipment and Services

Dry cleaning is one of the most useful services known to man. People need a professional clean for that meeting or special event in your life because you do not have the ability to make it look as good as you would like without being dry cleaned. For your dry cleaning business it is important to have exceptional dry cleaning equipment, and to have that equipment maintained and running efficiently.


There are many dry cleaning equipment vendors, but no one knows more about dry cleaning equipment and has better service than Rhino Laundry. Rhino Laundry’s dry cleaning equipment is of top-notch quality. We work with dry cleaners and also laundromats, hotels, hospitals, prisons, care centers, etc. for all their laundry equipment needs. We are dedicated to delivering quality and reliable service, we continue to provide solutions and expand our reach to other industries.

If your dry cleaning equipment were to ever need service, we are there to make sure that the cost to repair is the best price possible. We will also make sure to not inconvenience you with long wait times. Other companies may not consider the customer as much, and could care less how long they are in your way, as long as they get the job done. That is not the same with Rhino Laundry as we can work around your schedule, and do so in an efficient a manner. Yes, we want to give you the satisfaction that we can get the job done efficiently!

No matter what equipment you need, we can provide that as well. Whether it is dry cleaning equipment, coin laundry equipment, or even particular parts for these machines, we can provide all of that for you and help with any question you have. This is what truly sets us apart from other dry cleaning equipment companies. Our customer service is matched by the quality of our equipment and we will not rest until you are truly satisfied. Feel free to give us a try and see what we are able to do for you.