Huebsch Commercial Laundry Equipment Solutions for Every Business

When it comes to laundry equipment, Huebsch machines are a cut above the rest. We are committed to ongoing innovation, so each of our products is designed and built to perform to the highest standards. Whether you operate a coin laundry or a business that requires commercial grade laundry equipment, we have machines for every situation. Huebsch commercial lundry

Vended Laundry Solutions

Huebsch offers a full line of commercial washer extractors. Our Galaxy line with eBoost uses a revolutionary technology that increases efficiency and durability, decreases utility costs, and provides a better laundry experience for customers. This line of machines is available in a variety of different capacities from 20 pounds to 100 pounds.

These machines also feature Galaxy controls. These intuitive control panels allow for simple programming to allow your laundry customers to customize how each load of laundry is washed. The controls also make offer multi-vend pricing which will increase your revenue.

Light Commercial Laundry Solutions

When it comes to light commercial laundry equipment, Huebsch offers a variety top load washers, front load washers, commercial dryers and stackable commercial washers and dryers. Out stackable commercial machines are perfect for many small businesses because they are highly efficient, have an extra-large capacity, yet save valuable floor space.

On-Premise Laundry Solutions

For on-premise laundries, we offer a variety of workhorse machines engineered for speed, strength, and efficiency. Our commercial tumble dryers are an excellent example as they are designed to balance airflow and heat input to dry loads faster without wasting energy. This allows you to process each load more quickly, increasing your daily output and revenue.

With a wide variety of commercial machines, Huebsch has a solution for every situation. Visit our website tor contact us to find the best machines for your commercial laundry needs.