The Importance of Well Maintained Commercial Washers and Dryers

It’s important to keep your washer and dryers well maintained over the years. Doing so will keep them in great condition and they will last for many more years to come. If you fail to respond to problems with your laundry equipment it can make the machines dangerous to operate. For the safety of you and anyone who is using the machines, please keep them well maintained with frequent inspections.

The word maintenance is very broad, but if we broke it down what would it really mean? Aspects of maintenance include the following:Commercial Washer Dryer Galaxy5

Testing equipment that it’s running smoothly

Inspecting the equipment for any malfunctions or possible hazards

Replacing any parts on the equipment that can’t be repaired

Repair any malfunctions with the machine

Have the machine serviced when it’s in bad condition

Clean and lubricate the machine well, at least every few months

It is important that only people with knowledge of the machine and how it works are allowed to perform maintenance procedures on it.

When regular maintenance requirements are not met, serious dangers could be lurking. To keep yourself and others around you safe, please keep machines serviced and repaired regularly by certified laundry equipment technicians. Everyone wants to save money and tries to ignore problems if they can. However, this can lead to more problems than just having to pay a maintenance bill.

Laundry equipment such as dryers must be maintained every day, when in use. The vents in the dryers pull all of the loose dust and materials from the articles in the dryer. This eventually builds up on the dryer vents. If this is not removed daily it can and most likely will lead to the unit catching on fire. As long as the vent is thoroughly cleaned out every day you will have no problems with dryer fires.