Commercial Laundry Equipment

Commercial Laundry EquipmentMeet Rhino Laundry

There are many ways in which your commercial laundry equipment could go awry, requiring repair.  From major to minor malfunctions, Rhino Laundry’s certified technicians are prepared to help with your laundry equipment repair needs.


If you own a hotel, one of your essential needs is clean linen.  Without clean sheets, towels and linens, your hotel will not be able to function.  And your customers will not be satisfied without a dependable machine in which to wash their traveling clothes.  If your commercial washer or dryer needs fixing, call the experts at Rhino Laundry right away.


Perhaps you are the laundry supervisor of a hospital.  Precisely cleaned linens are vital to the safe operation of this institution, an institution invaluable to its patients and to society as a whole.  Because there are bio-hazardous materials present in much of the linen a hospital needs to clean, a perfectly functioning washing machine is necessary to ensure the cleanliness of the items being washed.  If you suspect one of your machines is not functioning to its intended full capacity, schedule an appointment with Rhino Laundry today to have your machine evaluated.

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The owner of a dry cleaner or Laundromat knows the importance of well-maintained washers and dryers.  Not only would a broken machine hinder the successful operation of such a business, it could lead to the business’s collapse if not repaired in a timely fashion! Rhino Laundry’s technicians will always repair your machines quickly and correctly, the first time.

Look No Further

Look no further than Rhino Laundry to maintain your commercial laundry equipment in Utah!