Dry Cleaning Equipment

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No one knows more about dry cleaning equipment than Rhino Laundry.  Our experienced staff has seen each and every malfunction possible with the machines you use to operate your business, and they are well-qualified to repair them all.

Any Solvent

Whether you use perchloroethylene or hydrocarbon solvents, the experts at Rhino Laundry will be able to repair your machine.  Perhaps there is a leak in your otherwise enclosed machine, allowing some expelled perc to escape instead of it being captured, distilled and reused.  We can fix that! Maybe your computer-controlled drying sensor has a problem, and isn’t properly sensing when all the perc has been removed from the garments.  We can fix that, too.

Any Part

One of the most important part of your equipment is the extraction chamber, or drum, where the clothes are loaded.  This is the core of the machine and it must work properly.  Whether your machine holds 20 pounds of clothes or 80, or anywhere in between, the pros at Rhino Laundry can repair your dry cleaning equipment.

Any Problem

Another vital part of the dry cleaning machine is the solvent chamber, or cage.  If your cage is not properly maintaining a temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit, call Rhino Laundry for a repair appointment today.  We can also repair distillation tanks, boilers, condensers, and separator units.  A fault in any of the solvent-removing features of your machine could lead to impurities in your solvent that could damage clothing in future loads.  Don’t let this happen to you or your customers! Maintain you machines with the Rhino Laundry team.

Any Concern

Another common problem with dry cleaning equipment is a faulty drum.  If your barrel can’t spin between 350 and 450 rpm, the solvent will not be adequately flung from the now-clean garment.  This would waste valuable, reusable solvent, and could potentially harm the customer.  You also want to make sure your aerator is working properly.  It wouldn’t do to send the garments back to the customer smelling of perc!

We Have the Solution

Whatever woe you face, don’t hesitate to call Rhino Laundry for dry cleaning equipment repair in Utah!