Are you looking for a side business to support your family? Are you looking for a business that is easy to start and manage? Your search is over. Start your own laundry business today.

It is very simple to start and you do not need to have prior experience before getting into the business. But the competition is tough so you need to differentiate yourself from others in order to be successful. You cannot just start the business haphazardly. You need to have a proper guideline or a check helps you to get organized. We have compiled a check list for you below. Go through it and start your laundry business today.

Business plan:

This is the most crucial step. Before stepping into the market you need to have a well-written business plan. In your business plan write about your goals, missions, finance, products, services etc. try to come up with services which no one is providing like wash and fold service at an affordable rate. Secondly, determine your targeted market. Whether you want to work with hospitals or houses or both. Moreover, it is recommended that you research well about the market trends before starting the business. Mention your pricing, supplies and funds you will need to start.

Find a suitable location:

Choose an area which is accessible and will attract maximum customers. You can rent a place near your home or you can also start the business from your home. It is better to find a place where there are less competition and a good parking area. You can also buy an already established laundry business so you would not have to start from the scratch.

Buy the equipment: huebsch-laundry-showcase

Order washers

Door hangers




Coin machines

Laundry cart

Detergent vending machines

To save more bucks try to look for an auction site which deals with used equipment. You can also buy things in bulk from whole sale markets. Try to purchase a card system instead of coin machines because they are more convenient. It will allow you to track the number of loads a customer has done.

Get your business licensed:

First things first. Secure your permits and registration. Visit your city clerk and apply for a business license. Fulfill all the requirements and ask the authorities if you will be needing health dept. license, air pollution control permit etc. also make sure you pay any fee which is required for sewer connections and waste water fees.


Only that business flourishes in the long run whose owner markets it well. Advertise your business by hanging posters in the area. Include all the products and services along with their prices. Make sure your ads are catchy and interesting. You can also advertise your business on social is simple and cheap. Tell your relatives and family about the business and tell them to spread the word.