Rhino Dry Cleaning Equipment and Services

The dry cleaning business is usually an added service in almost all laundry shops. Offering both laundry and dry cleaning services means tapping all the available revenue opportunities. But one of the limiting factors is the price tag of this specialized equipment. And with the owner’s desire to cut on cost, he/she often resorts to buying either a used machine or perhaps, a cheap and basic unit. Rhino Laundry which specializes in the distribution of laundry and dry cleaning equipment advises that quality and efficiency should be the businessman’s priority.

If you are located in Utah, nearby and other serviceable state, the best option for you is to just avail of Rhino Laundry equipment or technical services. For Rhino Laundry, the best equipment for your business should perform exceptionally, is innovative, economical and environment-friendly, simple to use, and is guaranteed of technical support.

The dry cleaning equipment offered by Rhino Laundry are considered to be the most efficient brands and units available in the market. These are the most popular and sought after brand in the industry to date. They are popular because they are the most technologically advanced pieces of equipment. Imagine a dry cleaning machine that simplifies the workload like the idea of dry-to-dry or end-to-end cleaning cycle with just a few taps of the button.

With the growing movement that aims to protect the environment, your laundry and dry cleaning business can guarantee customers that your machine uses environment friendly solvents or cleaning aids. All these while keeping it economical or cost effective. All the equipment offered by Rhino are also user-friendly requiring minimal training and familiarization for the operator or laundry staff. And finally, the company backs all the equipment that it sells with a guarantee of technical support.Union dry clean machine

If you already have your set of dry cleaning machines, Rhino Laundry is also offering expert dry cleaning services when it comes to maintenance, problem diagnosis, and equipment repair.

Expert skills for any solvent machines. All of the company’s staffs are technically knowledgeable in a vast array of dry cleaning equipment especially those that use distinct solvents from perchloroethylene up to hydrocarbon. Even if the issue involves leaks or a defective computer sensor, you can be assured that your equipment shall be restored into a perfectly functioning unit again.

Expert repair for any equipment part. The company’s service professionals are also adept to the problems of the different machine parts. And for Rhino Laundry, the most vital part is the main drum or extraction chamber. When you avail the dry cleaning services either for maintenance or repair, the vital parts down to the small and negligible ones are keenly inspected and repaired if needed.

Expert repair for any unit problem or concern. Since it’s a one stop shop for your laundry and dry cleaning business, Rhino Laundry also offers its technical help for almost all equipment problems and concerns that you may encounter. The company can handle your concerns with the solvent chamber, condensers, boilers, distillation tanks, separator units, problems with any solvent-removing features, etc.