Rhino Laundry Dry Cleaning and Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

If you are going to start a laundry business, it will be a challenge to become profitable and succeed unless there’s less competition in your target area and you have a captured market. But when competition is tough or when you simply want to maximize your earnings, you will need the help of reliable and efficient commercial laundry and dry cleaning equipment. If you are planning to buy new equipment or when you already need to replace your old machines, it is recommended to choose the offerings of Rhino Laundry.

Rhino Laundry has tied up with the top brands when it comes to commercial laundry equipment like Huebsch, Union, and Yamamoto. And aside from merely selling the machines, the company also offers maintenance and repair services in case you need them in the future.commercial-dry-cleaning-machine rhino laundry

So why should you choose Rhino Laundry equipment? Because of the following equipment benefits or features:

Improved capacity. The main factor that sets commercial laundry equipment apart from the household and ordinary types is the larger capacity that these commercial machines can handle. Increased capacity means you can accommodate large laundry jobs from individuals, households, and from the larger commercial establishments as well.

More efficient machines. Aside from enhanced capacity, Rhino Laundry also boasts its very efficient machines. This is evident from the technology incorporated in each laundry and dry cleaning machine. And when your machines are efficient, you will save more in terms of energy and all other resources directly involved in the laundry job. Work turnaround also becomes faster which in the end will increase your business’ overall revenue. The coin operated laundry equipment is another form of efficiency.

Durable and built to last. All the equipment offered by Rhino Laundry are durable, industrial-grade, and really built to last. These machines are capable of handling the pressures of regular or even continuous usage without risking their capacity and efficiency. Coupled by regular and diligent maintenance, those Rhino Laundry machines should serve your business for a long period of time.

Better design. Aside from the features above, the laundry and dry cleaning machines are also smartly-designed. Truly the makers put the welfare of business owners in mind. For example, the combination of durability and the stackable feature of the machines let you maximize your shop’s space or area by installing the machines vertically. Of course better design also has its advantage to your customers by making the laundry machines simpler to operate.

Aside from the usual washers and dryers, Rhino Laundry also carries the number one dry cleaning equipment brand which is Union. Union is highly regarded for its efficient machines which can produce the best dry cleaning results in an innovative and economical way. If you already have a Union dry cleaner in your shop, Rhino Laundry also has a complete team of machine specialist who can diagnose, maintain, or make necessary repairs on your equipment.