HFNBC_Drama[1]A Helping Hand

Maintaining a coin-operated laundry facility is a big task.  There could be a problem with the washing and drying functions, or with the coin-accepting apparatus of the machine.  If your business is in Utah, Idaho, Montana, Nevada or Wyoming, though, you’re in luck! Rhino Laundry services coin-operated laundry equipment throughout the Western US.  We’re here to lend you a helping hand.

A Company You Can Trust

Coin laundry equipment repair is one of Rhino Laundry’s specialty areas.  Our repertoire of service includes all commercial laundry and dry-cleaning equipment, and both coin-operated and on-premise laundry repair.  You can call or click to schedule an appointment with Rhino Laundry with full confidence in our knowledge and expertise; we service all brands and models of commercial laundry equipment.

Better for your business

When the machines in your Laundromat, hotel, or apartment complex are out of order, you lose business.  And when you lose business, you lose money.  At Rhino Laundry, we want to help you avoid needless loss.  Don’t run the risk of losing customers over machines in need of repair.  Let Rhino Laundry help you keep your equipment running at peak efficiency.  When your equipment runs as it should, your business can flow more smoothly.

A Better Use of Resources

As the old saying goes, you can pay for anything with either time or money.  Don’t waste your valuable time attempting complicated repairs on sophisticated machinery.  The chance of worsening the problem is not worth the risk of saving a few dollars, not to mention the time it will take you to diagnose the problem, search out the parts, and perform the repair, all while operating a storefront.  Instead, let Rhino Laundry handle your vended laundry repair needs, and focus your time, energy and talents on what you’re best at; running your business!