Commercial Laundry Installation

Running a laundry business is more than just providing good service; it’s also about having the right equipment for the job. This is where we can help.

Rhino Landry is a full service laundry and dry cleaning equipment company offering a wide range of services. We provide commercial laundry installation in Utah, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho, featuring some of the country’s best brands. With our services, you can have the best set of laundry and dry cleaning equipment to ensure high levels of satisfaction.

Offering Full-Service Installations

Our experienced technicians can handle any type of installation project for industrial, coin-operated, and on-premise laundry equipment. We work with great efficiency to ensure proper installations, so you can make best use of the equipment. We’ll also provide guidance on the proper use of your equipment, from the capacity of your dryers or washers to the most suitable layout for your laundry center.

Providing Convenience and Satisfaction

Our service doesn’t stop after we finish installing your laundry and dry cleaning machines. We’ll make sure that these are always in top condition to prevent any downtime in your business. We can send our technicians to conduct maintenance checks on your machines and make sure that they’re running perfectly. This way, you can avoid costly replacements and other problems.

Maximizing the Potential of Your Laundry Business

Managing a laundry business can be complicated, but Rhino Laundry can make it as simple as possible with our wide range of services. You can always expect ongoing support from our team, as we give peace of mind and help achieve the success of your business.

Call us today to get more information about our commercial laundry installation.