Commercial Laundry Service


World Class Service

What you’ll experience when you call for commercial laundry service can vary widely.  You may get someone who shows up late, is ill-experienced, inconsiderate, or just plain inept.  You may get lucky and have a pleasant, professional experience, but odds are your repairman may not live up to your expectations.  Don’t leave it to chance.  Call Rhino Laundry when your commercial laundry machines need repairs, and you’re guaranteed to have the service experience of your dreams.  Our staff are courteous, knowledgeable, respectful and, most importantly, really good at fixing commercial washers and dryers! If you know the symptoms of the machine, along with the approximate date the trouble began, pass that information on to your technician when he arrives.

Laundry Experts

What if you don’t know what’s wrong with your machine?  What if you do your best to diagnose the problem, and you come up empty-handed?  That’s fine with us.  We love commercial washer repair so much that discovering the problem is half the fun.  And what about your dryer that seems to spin just fine, but the clothes come out damp?  Don’t waste time running tests and trying to find the error.  Call the laundry experts at Rhino Laundry , and experience the best in commercial dryer repair in Utah.

Intelligent Use of Resources

We all have to play to our strengths.  You’re good at running a business.  Stick with that.  At Rhino Laundry, we’re good at repairing commercial laundry equipment.  Let us share our expertise with you, and you focus on keeping your business organized and running smoothly.  You’ll be pleased with our affordable prices and timely repairs.  It’s our goal to get your commercial laundry machines operating at full capacity in as little time as possible.  We know that calling Rhino Laundry today is the best use of your resources, and will best serve your business.