Dry Cleaning Machine Service

hl840[1]Industry Leader

You know Rhino Laundry is your number one source for commercial laundry repair, but did you know Rhino Laundry is also an industry leader in dry cleaning equipment service?  A certified Rhino Laundry technician is available to service or repair your dry cleaning equipment.

Stay Sharp

Don’t let the competition get the edge on you.  The dry cleaner down the street knows the secret of success: keeping well-maintained machines using Rhino Laundry repair team! While you’ve been operating on diminished capacity because of problems with your equipment, they’ve been going full-tilt.  Take back your hold on the dry cleaning market; repair that out-of-order machine and get back to dominating the business in your area.

Play to Your Strengths

Dry cleaning repair may not be your thing, and that’s okay.  You are in the customer service business.  Taking care of your customers is your priority.  Getting their garments clean and like new is how you please them.  And Rhino Laundry is no different.  Satisfying our customers is our business.  The only difference is, our customer is you! And rather than getting clothing spotless, we get the machines that get clothing spotless running without error.  That’s how we keep you in business!

No Job Too Tough

From the drum to the cage, from the tumbling of the perc to the final aeration, Rhino Laundry knows dry cleaning equipment and dry cleaning equipment repair.  Don’t settle for less than the best.  When the continued operation of your livelihood is on the line, seek the help of professionals who will take your business as seriously as you do.  Once Rhino Laundry repairs your dry cleaning equipment, you will never call anyone else for your equipment maintenance again!