Superior Durability of Rhino Laundry Equipment

Are you planning to open up a laundry service business or perhaps require a commercial washer and dryer to do these tasks in your existing establishment? Consider the equipment sold by Rhino. If you already have existing units, the company can also provide regular maintenance and repair services.

So why should you consider buying equipment sold by Rhino Laundry & Dry Cleaning Specialists? Because of several reasons like efficiency, power, capacity, technology, and long term costs savings. Some of its products are also equipped with features solely designed for doing business like the coin operated machines. But more than anything else, there’s one quality you would want in all commercial machines; durability.

rhino laundry equipment

Why durability matters to your business?

If you’re just starting out on your laundry venture, you might be tempted to buy those washer and dryer brands that are popular and famous on TV. But you should note that majority of the machines you see on TV are actually made for household use and may not be that durable when used for commercial or industrial purposes. Here are some of the reasons why durable dry cleaning and laundry equipment is a must for your business:

Less breakdown and business stoppage. As mentioned above, ordinary washers and dryers are generally designed for household use and have their own limitations. If you use them continuously and regularly, there’s that higher risk for them of breaking down. Machine breakdowns mean delays in your deliveries, decreased revenues, or even a total business halt. Thus, when your business heavily relies on your machines, the durable products of Rhino are musts.

You can continuously operate at maximum power and capacity. Another benefit of choosing durable equipment is the opportunity for you to operate at maximum power and capacity. More power means better cleaning results and more capacity means increased laundry job orders which will eventually raise your revenues.

Long term savings on equipment cost. Durable, efficient, and powerful machines might be more expensive the time you bought them but average costs will be lesser on a long term basis. It is more ideal to buy a durable and heavy duty machine which can continuously run without problems for years. This is the kind of value you can get with Rhino Laundry & Dry Cleaning Specialists.

Rhino also puts value on effective maintenance

A lot of business owners also fail to ensure one key element for machine durability; regular maintenance. As a specialist in this area, Rhino puts emphasis on the need for regular and effective maintenance. Maintenance ensures that your machines are always at their best and performing condition. This also prevents sudden breakdowns and the future need for repairs. It’s similar to the idea of maintaining your vehicle for them to last and run for years and even decades.