How Upgrading Commercial Laundry Equipment Benefits You

How Upgrading Commercial Laundry Equipment Benefits You

As the owner or operator of a commercial laundry, efficiency is always high on your priority list. Every second of lost productivity equals dollars lost, and every little bit of efficiency maximized is a dollar gained.

This process may involve upgrading your commercial laundry equipment at some point along the line, and we’re here to help at Rhino Laundry. Our staff are experts in all elements of commercial laundry equipment service, from installation to repairs to a full-on overhaul. How can you benefit from replacing your equipment? Let’s find out.

Technology and Quality

Technology is one of the keys to our world, and as it improves, you need to stay ahead of the curve. Commercial laundry is a competitive industry that’s constantly reaching new levels of technology, and there may come a point where you’re losing your business money by not catching up.


In particular, new machines can help you maximize you and your staff’s productivity and efficiency. Many newer products work faster than older ones, which will increase the number of customers you can process in a given day or week without sacrificing one ounce of quality. New technology also allows for more streamlined syncing between machines and areas of the laundromat, which can have the same effect.


Reducing footprint is always a great choice if you can do so without sacrificing anywhere else, and that’s exactly what replacing your commercial equipment can do. Newer equipment is generally designed to reduce energy usage and limit any harmful waste or runoff.

Additionally, new machines are a good bet to bring you significant energy savings. Your utility costs could go down a ton even as you’re bringing in more business per day given your new streamlined efficiency, meaning the investment you make in your new equipment can often be recouped in a very short period.


Customers always like seeing newer and fancier equipment in any industry, especially one like a commercial laundry where they’ll be directly interacting with machines. Machines will look cleaner and, more importantly, will function more effectively – don’t think for a second that customers won’t notice that bump in efficiency just as much as you will. With any luck, your new equipment will start a perfect cycle: Customers will be impressed and attract new customers, who will in turn do the same as they see your new, state-of-the-art equipment.

At Rhino Laundry, we’re experts in installation, repairs and upgrades of all commercial laundry and dry cleaning equipment. Our professional staff is standing by.