What to Look For In a Commercial Laundry Service and Installation Company

A lot of individuals are interested to venture in the laundry business because they think it’s as simple as having a shop and a set of laundry machines. Little do they know that it involves serious planning, hiring of skilled employees, and the search of reliable business partners. The term business partner does not refer to an actual co-owner but instead, it’s the company which will provide your equipment, perform the commercial laundry installation, and is responsible for the maintenance or scheduled servicing of your laundry machines.

And when searching for a good and reliable installer or service provider, here are some of the things that you should look for:

Choose a company that has ties with commercial laundry brands.

There are several benefits of choosing a service provider that has existing ties with laundry brands or manufacturers. When you purchase the laundry machines through such company, you can take advantage of lower equipment costs. There are even times when you only have to pay for the machines and the installation is already free on the contract.

The next advantage is the assurance that the company’s personnel know how to handle all the laundry equipment brands. Plus you don’t have to worry that potential damages to the machines brought by the installation or repair will void the warranty since they can easily negotiate with the manufacturer directly. Rhino Laundry is an example of the company or service provider that is actually partnered with the top commercial laundry equipment brands.


Choose a company that offers a variety of laundry machines and brands

Of course, you don’t want to deal with a commercial laundry service provider that only pushes one or two machine options. A typical laundry business will require a combination of two or more machines. For example, there’s the regular washer, the washer and dryer combo, the coin operated equipment, those meant for dry cleaning, etc. Additionally, there are also a few companies that really don’t know the distinction between the home and commercial laundry and dryer equipment so don’t be deceived by them.

Choose a company that offers continuous after-sales service

One of the best advices for beginning entrepreneurs is to look for a company that can take care of your laundry equipment even after the sale and installation. Pick a company which you can establish a long term relationship with. Similar with all other equipment, washers, dryers, and dry cleaning machines require regular maintenance for them to work at full capacity or to avoid sudden problems. And it’s best to contract a company which offers a full-line of service from installation up to maintenance and repair. This is one of the reasons why Rhino Laundry is the favorite commercial laundry service and installation provider of most entrepreneurs.

Choose a reputable company with a proven track record

Perhaps, the best way to determine the quality of service or commercial laundry installation that a company does is by checking what existing clients say about its work. In simple terms, check the company’s reputation. You are dealing with serious and expensive business equipment so it’s very essential to find a good company who will provide the installation, maintenance, and repair services.