Why Dry Cleaning Makes Sense

For years, people have been paying to have clothes cleaned by professional dry cleaning equipment. Even though many have access to cheaper, self-operated water laundry machines, they still choose to send their best clothing out and pay more. Why is this?

As we well know at Rhino Laundry & Dry Cleaning Specialists, there are several very good reasons why. Dry cleaners do a few things that a normal water washes simply cannot do. Let’s find out exactly which of these benefits continue to cause folks to pay more for this service.

What is Dry Cleaning?

Many people don’t know exactly what’s happening during the dry cleaning process, but it’s actually pretty straightforward. Dry cleaning uses chemical solvents rather than large quantities of water – some types of clothing degrade in water, and others can’t hold up to the rigors of a washer and dryer.

During the process, clothes are rotated within the chemical solvent being used, usually at a temperature no higher than the mid-80s Fahrenheit. There’s a wash cycle, a rinse cycle and a drying cycle, plus a deodorizing cycle at the end to pump cool air over the clothes.

Benefits of Dry Cleaning


  • Many tough stains normal washers can’t, especially grease and oils
  • Odor, including specialized odor removers not found in household items
  • Large amounts of water from the equation
  • Unwanted creases and folds
  • Yellowing


  • Shrinking
  • Deterioration over time by natural causes
  • Moth and other insect damage – specific insect-proofing services are offered by most dry cleaners

Also Includes:

  • Expertise: The employees of your dry cleaner are professionals in the field. They’ll spot problems like missing buttons or unwanted yellowing, and they might even be able to point out issues with your clothing you weren’t aware of
  • Clothing storage: Some dry cleaners offer a storage service for clothing that’s out-of-season
  • Convenience: All you have to do is drop the clothes off, and then come back when they’re done. Nothing more to it
  • Pressing and alterations: Your clothes will always come pressed and ready to wear as part of the dry cleaning experience, and some vendors offer professional alterations as well

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