Why Union Is a Great Choice for Your Wet or Dry Cleaning Needs

Why Union Is a Great Choice for Your Wet or Dry Cleaning Needs

When opening your very own laundry and dry cleaning company, one of the most important decisions to make is the choice or purchase of the laundry equipment and dry cleaning machines. It is so vital that it can determine the success or early failure of your venture. And if you haven’t procured your equipment yet, consider the wet and dry cleaning equipment that Union offers. Union is the global leader when it comes to commercial grade dry cleaning technology. And it has partnered with Rhino Laundry & Dry Cleaning Specialists providing a complete array of services from installation up to maintenance and repair.commercial-dry-cleaning-machine

So why is Union such a great choice for your laundry business? Here are some of the top reasons that will convince you as to why:

Union machines are specifically built for commercial or industrial use. All Union laundry equipment are built specifically for the laundry and dry cleaning needs of commercial establishments and businesses. There might be cheaper and smaller machines but they are not fit for heavy loads or for continuous use. Opting for these machines will only make you spend more especially when they constantly break down. Union machines are built to be tough, to take on the heaviest laundry loads yet ensuring that simplicity or ease of use.

Union equipment are productive and efficient. Union wet and dry cleaning machines will massively increase your business’ efficiency or productivity. The largest of the machines could accommodate as high as 165 lbs of laundry load. All Union machines are also equipped with very efficient refrigeration units and heat pumps. And all are energy and resource efficient.

Wet and dry cleaning equipment combined as one. Another unique feature of Union brand is the combination of both the wet and dry cleaning circuits in a single machine. Thus you don’t have to procure separate equipments for your laundry and dry cleaning needs. It’s more cost effective, efficient, and could also help you save on space at your shop or establishment.

Versatile and eco-friendly technology. All the Union machines are very versatile. There’s a wide range of machine load and capacity, different filter configurations, distinct laundry and drying modules, there are tandem units, and various reclaimers. Union laundry equipment and dry cleaning machines are also designed to be fit for the most common cleaning solvents. It is also worthy to note that GreenEarth solvent can be used as well making the machine an eco-friendly equipment.

Professional after sales support. As mentioned above, Union has partnered with Rhino Laundry & Dry Cleaning Specialists ensuring that clients receive only the best and professional support and equipment maintenance. Proper and regular maintenance of your equipment ensures that your business runs smoothly. Additionally, you will learn some of the best industry techniques to get the most out of your equipment.