What Yamamoto and the Harmony System Offers

One of the laundry equipment brands that Rhino laundry carries is Yamamoto. The Japanese brand has been one of the leaders and innovators when it comes to commercial laundry, drying, and towel folding machines used by numerous businesses worldwide. With over 60 years of experience, you can entrust your business with Yamamoto equipment.

One of the recent innovations that the brand is offering is the automation of the entire garment cleaning through its WUD Series machines. With the WUD Series which is essentially a washer and dryer combo, an automated dry-to-dry cycle is now possible.

The dry-to-dry cycle simply means that the dirty and dry garments you place in the machine will be wet washed and eventually dried. The automated process also includes the mixing of the cleaning solution to the water during the wet washing process. This is by far the most advance laundry equipment where the only thing that the operator needs to do is to load/unload the laundry and push the right buttons.

Taking things further with the Harmony Cleaning Systemyamamoto

If you are considering to purchase Rhino laundry or Yamamoto equipment, don’t forget to ask about the revolutionary Harmony Cleaning System. This system combines the automated features of the Yamamoto WUD machine and the specially formulated Maestro cleaning solution. The result of which is a better, more professional, and delicate clean.

With the Harmony Cleaning System, an efficient and automated dry-to-dry washing cycle is achieved. But aside from simplifying things, the system also boasts its unique ability to protect garments or clothes. When the cleaning solution is dispensed, the machine ensures that it mixes with water first before adding the garments. Thus, delicate fabric will never be exposed to untreated water.

There are several benefits offered by this professional wet cleaning system. And among the best include the following:

Effortless and efficient laundry job. Because it’s a complete system, it can save you or your staff huge amount of time that should have been used in supervising the laundry equipment. With this system, all is done by a few taps on the menu. The only thing you will need to do is to unload the finished laundry.

The ability to handle and care for the most delicate fabric. As mentioned above, the system is also designed with the different fabrics in mind. Together with the specifically formulated cleaning solution, the Yamamoto equipment is capable of washing and at the same time protecting even the most delicate fabric. If people are afraid of taking their precious clothes to the laundry shop, this system allows you to be more confident and earn their trust. The system can handle linen, silk, cashmere, wool, rayon, leather, mouton, etc.

It enables the use of environment-friendly detergent or solution. Most laundry equipment in the market require certain types of chemicals or cleaning solutions to avoid machine and garment damages. With the Harmony Cleaning System, a natural and environment-friendly solution is used instead of chemical-based detergents. This eliminates the discharge of contaminated water and of course, dermatologically safer for the users.

Better and odor-free clean. Rhino laundry also guarantees that the cleaning results are far way better. Additionally, the use of natural ingredients and essential oils in the Maestro cleaning solution ensures that all unpleasant odors are eliminated.